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5 Year Olds

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Able to skip5yroldboy
  • Walks on tip toes
  • Dresses and undresses without help

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Draws a person with head, arms and legs
  • Copy geometric shapes with more accuracy
  • Cuts and pastes paper
  • Learns to tie his or her shoes
  • Manages own bathroom needs

Social Development:

  • Makes friends easily and plays well with them
  • Can have conversations easily


  • Names several colors
  • Counts to 10
  • Knows own body parts
  • Uses descriptive words such as higher, lower, heavy, etc.
  • Uses future tense


  • Understands what is right and what is wrong
  • Understands what is fair and unfair
  • Plays make-believe such as mommy, baby, etc.
  • Begins to control himself or herself

Things you can do to help your child’s development:

  • Listen, understand, and respect your child.
  • Praise your child for all progress, academically and physically.
  • Continue reading and crafts with your child.
  • Enrich your child’s life with experiences to places such as the zoo or the library.
  • Continue to allow your child to make decisions such as what they want to wear or where they’d like to go.
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