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4 Year Old

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Can hop on one foot
  • May be able to skip
  • Can roll over and do somersaultsPreschoolGirlBooks
  • Swings on swings with minimal help
  • Climbs on playground ladders

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Draws a happy face
  • Can copy a few geometric shapes (squares, circles, triangles)
  • Prints some letters
  • Takes care of own toileting need most of the time
  • Able to use fork and spoon efficiently
  • Able to brush teeth with minimal help
  • Can pour liquids from a small container to a cup

Social Development:

  • Wants to make other happy
  • Understands the difference between reality and fantasy
  • Shows more independence
  • More likely to follow rules
  • Loves the companionship of other children their age


  • Remembers and repeats parts of stories
  • Can say their own name, phone number and address
  • Speaks longer sentences
  • Can have understandable conversations with others
  • Can sing entire songs from memory


  • Understands the concept of time (earlier, later)
  • Understands what causes emotions such as happiness and sadness
  • Understand the next sequence of events such as what will happen next in a story that you are reading

Things you can do to help your child’s development:

  • Allow your child to help you with easy household chores, cleaning, setting up.
  • Be sure to always praise them when they voluntarily help or for a job done well.
  • Give your child plenty of opportunities to explore on their own as well as with friends outdoors.
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