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3 Year Old

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Walks upstairs and downstairs without help
  • Easily moves backwards and forwardsshutterstock 55850944
  • Kicks a ball in a direction they choose
  • Hops and can stand on one foot for up to five seconds

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Draws circles and squares
  • Begins to be able to copy easy alphabets
  • Uses a scissor
  • Can unbutton clothes

Social Development:

  • Interested in having new experiences
  • Plays well with other children
  • Becomes more independent


  • Speaks in sentences five to six words in length
  • Tells a story or what happened during the day
  • Begins to ask questions
  • Names colors well
  • Can count smaller numbers


  • Understands time (day, afternoon, night)
  • Understands same vs. different
  • May begin to have an imaginary friend
  • Begins to understand their own sex (I am a boy or I am a girl)
  • If not already potty trained, should begin to potty train
  • Tests and begins to understand what will upset you and what won’t

Things you can do to help your child’s development:

  • Continue to make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to play with children of the same age.
  • Allow your child to sort different things such as colors of their toys or laundry.
  • 3 year olds love to help parents and model what parents do. Allow your child to water the plants when you are in the garden, dust the furniture when you are vacuuming, or help you clear the table.
  • Sing songs and dance with your child.
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