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2 Year Old

Gross Motor Skills

  • Walks alone with no need for help
  • Runs with ease
  • Kicks ballspreschool-girl
  • Jumps with both feet off the floor
  • Can stand on tip toes
  • Climbs up and down on furniture
  • Walks up and down stairs while holding rails
  • Can ride a tricycle
  • Can balance on one leg

Fine Motor Skills

  • Scribbles with crayons or markers
  • Stacks blocks of 4 or higher
  • Can help with undressing and sometimes dressing
  • Can turn doorknobs and lids of caps
  • Can brush teeth with some help

Social Development

  • Imitates adults and other children
  • Enjoys the company of other children
  • Will initiate play with other children
  • Shows defiant behavior and sometimes throws tantrums


  • Remembers the names of familiar people
  • Says simple sentences
  • Repeats words said to him or her
  • Uses many new words
  • Knows his or her own first and last name
  • Begins to ask questions


  • Can sort colors and shapes
  • Begins to pretend play
  • May begin to ask to use the potty
  • Begins to understand opposites (day and night, big and small)
  • Helps you remember things such as, “Oh, my jacket,” if you’ve forgotten to grab a jacket for him or her

Things You Could Do To Help Your Child's Development

  • Continue to help your child with puzzles.
  • Provide buckets or cans and beans or pasta for them to pour, measure, fill, and empty.
  • When reading to your child, explain what is going on in the pictures.
  • Teach your child your phone number.
  • Encourage your child’s imagination by pretend playing.
  • Make sure your child has enough play time with children his or her age.
  • Help your child’s need for independence by allowing your child to make decisions such as, “Where would you like to go today? The park, the library, or grandma’s house?”
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