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Mother Goose Time Curriculum

History of The Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Established in 1984, Mother Goose Time is a researched based curriculum system that invites children (0-6 years), teachers and families to embrace their natural sense of curiousty through experimental learning. The hands-on, interest-based activities outlined in the Lesson Plan Book support the whole child. Each activity promotes cognitive, social/emotional, and motor development. Each day is intentionally planned to offer a variety of experiences that build skills. The lessons are flexible and adaptable to provide a unique experience according to each child's interests, learning styles and unique needs.

Family Involvement

We help you stay connected to your child's learning by sending home many projects created by your child including art, mini-books, games, and little journals. Through these interactive projects, children learn letters, numbers, shapes, and fun facts about the monthly focused themes.
Each month you will also receive a family newsletter highlighting the theme of the month. You will receive tips on talking to your child about the topics they are learning. Also included are song lyrics, fingerplays and other fun activites you can share with your child at home.

Experience God

Experience God is a Christian program that is implemented into the Mother Goose Time weekly curriculum program, as a daily devotional and weekly study of Gods word and love for us. Teachers incorporate this program by planning 24 discussion activities to engage each child in age-appropriate experiences, daily prayer, fun-filled activities, and storytelling with fully illustrated story cards, prompts and bible scriptures throughout the month.

The Premises of ABC123's Method of Teaching, and Learning Include the Following:

  • A view of children as competent beings capable of self-directed learning.
  • The ultimate importance of observation of the child interacting with his or her environment as the basis for ongoing curriculum development.
  • Presentation of subsequent exercises for skill development and information accumulation is based on the teacher's observation that the child has mastered the current exercise(s).
  • Delineation of sensitive periods of development, during which a child's mind is particularly open to learning specific skills or knowledge, including language development, sensorial experimentation, refinement, and various levels of socail interaction.
  • That children are masters of their environment, which has been specfically prepared for them to be academic, comfortable, and allow a maximum amount of independence.

Curriculum Standards

The Mother Goose Time Curriculum Standards align with the Head Start Framework Indicators and are consistent with the NAEYC Guidelines for curriculum content.

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