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Our Curriculum

We recognize that God has created each child with a unique developmental timetable. Using the Mother Goose Time teaching method, our curriculum is a combination of fun activities and hands-on academic materials in a structured environment where children can progress at their own pace. This gives children an opportunity to excel beyond traditional academic levels with one-on-one time for those who need the extra help. Through positive reinforcement, we strive to instill the values for the joy of learning and love for living within your child.
Homework – Children 2 to 3½ years are encouraged to have their parents read to them nightly to help with their reading readiness and listening skills. Children 3½ years to Pre-K receive homework nightly to help instill a positive learning habit. In order to promote self-confidence, the worksheets contain materials previously learned so that the children are able to demonstrate that knowledge to their parents. Though this work can be fun for them, it is not required and children should not be forced to do the work.
Social Development
Children are encouraged to engage in group play. To facilitate this, each preschool has a large room area where children interact with each other during large group time. Each teacher assists children with their problem solving skills, as appropriate.
Language Development
A Phonetic based program that introduces letters and sounds, works up to sounding out words, blends, and vowels, and culminates in preparing each child in fluent reading.
Math Development
Manipulative start with the concept of numbers 1 through 100(recognizing symbols and quantity) and introducing children into the concept of time and currency.
Robotics Program
Our Robtics program utlizes fun, hands-on projects to get our childrens creative juices flowing and devloping new skills.

Google Chrome Tablets Program
As our world makes great technological advances, ABC123 wants to enusre our children are advancing right along with it by enhancing and devloping their technological skills.
College Preparatory Program
Our college preparatory program prepares preschoolers for the joruney to college.

Family/Parent Education
Workshops and conferences are scheduled throughout the year to help educate our parents on topics of interest to them.
Physical Development
We take pride in our outside play areas and encourage children to climb, jump, run and ride bikes. In addition to free play, our teachers also include structured outside games and activities in order to help children develop large motor skills.
Spiritual Development
Children are taught the Bible in an age-appropriate way, through songs, stories, and prayer. Our Bible curriculum consist of teaching of the basic life lesson ad developing each child’s understanding of God the Father, Jesus, His son, and the Holy Spirit.
Emotional Development
Teachers carefully observe the children and when necessary step in to assist the children if conflicts arise. Each child is taught how to use their words successfully and how to listen to others. We teach each child how to use their words, not their hands, when solving problems.
Imaginative and Creative Development
ABC123 centers are set up in the large rooms, outside areas and in each classroom to help each child imagine, explore and create. Children are allowed to pretend and be creative throughout the day. Each day finds children playing house, in a workplace setting, at church, being a firefighter, delivering mail, teaching school, etc.
Promoting Independence
In order to promote a sense of self-confidence, ABC123 Christian Academy believes it is very important for children to learn that they are capable of doing things for themselves. Children are encouraged to help their parents bring in their belongings each day. During class, children are responsible for taking care of their classroom supplies, help open their lunches, take off/put on their sweaters or jackets and take care of their sleeping supplies.
Each class has a specific schedule to fit the specific needs of each age group. Every staff member carefully designs the schedule to ensure that children receive a well-rounded educational experience every day.
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